Does Exercise Get Rid of Migraines?

Is it actually possible that exercise can help get rid of your migraine headaches?

Yes, in many ways.

Often the muscles on the tops of your shoulders, the front and the back of your neck, and your jaw get tight.

They get tight because we are out of balance, muscularly.  We can often blame this on our chairs, car seats, couches and work positions.

Sometimes we can blame it on the way we are built, when we stand a certain way to hide parts of our bodies.

All those things can add up to poor posture for us, and poor posture with our head forward definitely is a major cause of head pain and migraine headaches.

So where does exercise come in?

If we strengthen the muscles in back of our neck, shoulders, back, glutes (butt), and thighs, we can develop the good posture that we had when we were little.

When we are upright, strong and straight, with good posture, we have much less head pain.  There is less strain on our necks and heads, fewer tight muscles around our shoulders and less pain!

As a bonus, we will feel better all over.  Our whole body will Continue reading “Does Exercise Get Rid of Migraines?”