Top Three Ways To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain In Your Legs

Muscle pain in your legs can be caused by too much or too little.  I’ll tell you about that and then I will give you three ways to get rid of the pain in your muscles and joints.

Joint pain, too?  Yes.  Often we think it’s the joint when it’s actually muscle pain.  So these three ways will help your joints feel better, also.

If you don’t move enough–too little–your leg muscles will start to get weak and unhappy.  They won’t be able to support and move you.

If you move too much there is a good chance that you are only using some of your muscles too much.  If you do the same movements over and over without making sure that all of the muscles in your legs are being strengthened, that makes your leg muscles ‘out of balance’ and they start causing pain.

1.  Start using ALL of the muscles of your legs.  The easiest way I know to do this is to walk.  (Click here ->> to get my free walking report.)  The next easiest way is to exercise in water.  Water acts as resistance and helps strengthen your leg muscles.  Do scissors kicks and regular kicks and even just bob.  Whatever you can do will help strengthen your legs and that is what will help get rid of your muscle pain.

2.  Have a massage.  A skilled massage therapist can relax the muscles from your feet to your lower back.  He or she can knead the muscles that are ‘too tight’ to help them relax and help tone the muscles that are a bit too weak.  You may be surprised to discover that your gluteal muscles–your buttocks–have a lot of tender places.  Those tender areas can cause aches and pains in your legs.

3.  Be sure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet.  Your muscles need lots of nutrients–minerals, specifically–to function their best.  Calcium, magnesium and potassium are three minerals that help muscles feel better.  Taking a good multi-vitamin-mineral supplement can help you get rid of the joint and muscle pain in your legs.


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  1. The best way to get rid of pain in the leg is to have regular exercise. I also would want to highlight massage. It is very good in managing pains, however, it should be done in moderation. I recommend twice a month of massage sessions. Heat and cold application is also ideal for treating pain.

    1. Hi Sunny, Yes, heat and cold are good treatments for muscle or nerve pain relief. I have articles about how to use them at Just scroll to the Category on the right hand side for Cold and Heat.

      I am a huge believer in the power of massage and I would suggest it much more frequently than you do. But the massage therapist has to understand how bodies work and be able to determine the best area to massage. Sometimes (lots of times) it is NOT where the pain is!

      And exercise to help balance the muscles in our bodies is excellent. This works best when there are no restrictions that keep us from moving fully. If there are restrictions, often the best therapy is to first have massage to relax the proper muscles and after that has been done, then begin stretching and strengthening.

      I also have another natural pain relief website at which has lots and lots of articles about natural back pain relief.

      The Pain Relief Coach

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