How To Get Rid Of A Knot In Your Back

Knots in your back are actually muscles that are in a type of contraction.  Why did this happen?  Because something was making your muscle unhappy.  It’s complaining.

That may sound way too simple but bodies are logical.  Things happen for reasons.

One of the most common reasons for knots is using your hands in front of your body (something that we do a lot!) and having weak back muscles.  The back muscles cannot hold their own if they are weaker than your front-body muscles and they get stretched and strained.  They get knots.

How can you get rid of these muscle knots?

1.  Stretch and lengthen the muscles in the front of your body.  There are lots of articles right here at  with directions.

2.  Strengthen your back muscles.  <– click that link to find my video program with easy directions for getting rid of knots and strengthening your back.

And you can find lots more information about the causes of muscle knots and how to get rid of them naturally  if you go to