The Advantages of a Flatter Stomach and How to Get Stronger Ab Muscles

I was trying to explain how to have a flatter stomach in words but, in this case especially, a picture is worth a thousand words. 🙂

So, here’s the picture!

The man in this video has tremendous muscle control of his abdominal muscles. You have the same muscles! Honest!

(This article continues below the video.)

The easiest way for you to start to ‘activate’ your stomach muscles is to lay on your back and imagine that you are squeezing or drawing your belly button toward your spine.

What are the advantages?

You will look better, feel better and have less pain in your back, neck and head. Your abdominal muscles are part of your ‘core’ muscles and a strong core will help you stand and sit taller. That creates less muscle stress. 🙂

You can do this in bed even if you are overweight.  As long as you are moving them, your muscles WILL be activated!

And what we really want are long, strong muscles.  An easy way to get long, strong muscles while you are strengthening your abs is to place your arms over your head, as though you are stretching.

Now, the muscles are lengthened and when you also contract them (draw your belly button toward your spine) you will develop beautiful, long, strong muscles.