Simple Way To Strengthen Core Muscles

The core muscles are the muscles in your torso, front and back and sides.  They are the muscles that hold you in an upright position when they are strong.  🙂  When they are weak, you collapse forward.  🙁

Forward-collapsed posture causes pain and dysfunction.  That’s why you want to have a strong core.

But what if you can’t or don’t want to do sit-ups?  Well, just don’t then.

Here’s something even easier and it’s a great way to get started strengthening your core muscles easily.

And in bed, even.

Lay on your back.  Make yourself Continue reading “Simple Way To Strengthen Core Muscles”


Easy Way To Get Strong Abs

Strong abdominal muscles help you stay tall and have good posture.  That’s a really good thing because poor, collapsed posture causes heaps and heaps of problems.

When your back muscles and abdominal muscles (your ‘core’) are not strong enough to hold you up, you end up with forward head posture–collapsed posture.  That creates the posture of  ‘old age.’

You see, a lot of the problems of old age are caused by losing the fight to gravity.  Gravity wins.  Boo!

Bodies like to have long, strong muscles.  Not short, tight–long, strong is what they like.

Here are a couple of easy Continue reading “Easy Way To Get Strong Abs”


How To Strengthen Your Upper Back and Get Rid Of Muscle Strain

Want to get rid of upper back muscle strain?  Want to strengthen your upper back muscles quickly and easily?

Just squeeze your shoulder blades together.  S Q U E E Z E  them to your spine and hold them there for a few seconds.  Repeat 3 times.

Do this only 3 times a day for the first few days or your muscles will ache from overwork.  You have to adapt to new movements gradually.  After a few days, you can start increasing the amount of shoulder blade squeezes by a couple a day.

You can do this when you are Continue reading “How To Strengthen Your Upper Back and Get Rid Of Muscle Strain”


Do Rocker Shoes Make Your Legs Strong

People have asked me about shoes with rocker bottoms.  They are supposed to make your leg muscles stronger and more shapely but wait–how can that be?

By letting the shoe do the motion rather than the joints in your feet, you are not using your foot and leg muscles fully.

Here’s an article about this very thing from my friend, Dr. Brian Rothbart.

click here –>  The Truth About Rocker Shoes

You DO want strong legs.  They will help with balance and they will help keep you young.

You can easily strengthen the Continue reading “Do Rocker Shoes Make Your Legs Strong”


Easy Way To Strengthen Your Stomach Muscles

Here’s an easy way to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

I learned this from a physical therapist.  The easiest way to strengthen your abdominals is not to do crunches or sit ups.

I don’t like crunches or sit ups for a few different reasons and sometimes they can actually cause back pain.

The easiest way is to simply pull in your stomach!

And did you know that you can pull in the lower abdominals or the upper abdominals?  Or all of your stomach muscles?

And if you pay attention, you can even Continue reading “Easy Way To Strengthen Your Stomach Muscles”


Movements to Relieve Shoulder Pain and Arm Pain

You can get pain in your shoulders, arms and hands when the muscles around your shoulders are “out of balance.”  That means some areas of muscle are “tighter” than they should be and some areas are weaker. That is what causes pain.

This video will show you two simple movements that you can do to help re-balance your shoulder muscles.

Do these movements thoughtfully.  Take your time.  Try to make your circles perfectly.  Feel what is happening as you do these moves.

And pay attention to your arm, too.  These movements are like having a massage for your arms and shoulder muscles.


You Can Get Muscle Pain Relief With Simple Strengthening!

Pain relief from strengthening your muscles?  You bet!

A body that is strong and balanced has much less pain and functions better.

I get letters and emails from people all over the world who took action when they started to understand how their bodies work.  They started to understand that maybe they could become pain-free naturally.  The key is:  They took action.

They took steps to feel better rather than relying on their doctor to do “the push-ups” for them.  (You can’t hire someone to do your push-ups.)

Here’s a letter from Garry Allen.  Garry “got it” when he read some of my articles.  He understood.  He wrote previously to tell me he had found a massage therapist who helped a tremendous amount and had relieved a lot of his symptoms of muscle pain. Continue reading “You Can Get Muscle Pain Relief With Simple Strengthening!”


Are You As Strong As A Small Child?

I’ll bet you think you’re stronger than a little child, don’t you?  I’m sure you used to be as strong, but are you still?

Let’s think about this for a moment.  When you were little, you were running, sliding, hopping, jumping, climbing.  You were skipping, swinging, squirming, wiggling, jiggling.  Hula-hooping and jump-roping.  You were up and down, up and down.

You even used the muscles in your face.  And when you cried, you cried with your whole body.  If you were like most healthy children, you were moving all the time.  Unless you were asleep.

You used ALL of your 600+ muscles every day!

And, now?  Or, like most of us, do you use only the same 60 or so muscles, just the bare minimum to get through the day?

You might be able to lift and carry that little child, so you think you’re stronger.  But, the reality is, that little child is strong ALL OVER while some of your muscles are strong and some are weak.  Some are used too much, some not enough.

If you were as strong as that little child you used to be, you wouldn’t have that achy back and neck or those headaches.  Your posture wouldn’t be collapsing forward.  You’d feel really good!

Well, good news!

You can feel a lot better than you do now.  All you have to do is make a few changes, do some things differently, and start using more of your muscles again.  Like you did.  Remember?  When you were little?

Right here at you can discover simple, easy ways to start getting strong again and use of all of your muscles again.  You can get a strong back.  You can relearn how to hold your head over your body.  You can become as strong as you were when you were that little active kid.

There’s no time like the present!  You’re gonna start feeling better and feeling stronger.


Mini-Trampolines Can Help You Rebound and Get Strong

Mini-trampolines can help you get stronger and straighter and there are a lot of ways to use them.  Why, you might even enjoy exercising again!

A mini-trampoline is also called a “rebounder” because you rebound when you jump on it:  It bounces you around.

They start at about $30 and go way up from there, but the $30 model seems sufficient to me.  If you feel real unsteady on your feet and think you would do better with a handle (hand rail), some come with a handle!

Once you get it set up (it has legs about 6″ long) just leave it up.  If you have to move it out of the way, you could push it under your bed or lean it up against a wall.

Kids think trampolines are fun and hey!  Why should they have all the fun?

So, once you have your mini-trampoline, what do you do with it?

First, get on it gingerly.  It’s going to feel strange beneath your feet and you’re going to do a little wobbling.  Get the feel of it.  Just feel it.

You can “jump” with bare feet or with tennis or athletic shoes.  Socks might cause slipping.  Bare-feet and shoes-feet don’t feel the same on the tramp.  You might feel more steady with your shoes on.

After you start to get the hang of it, try bare feet sometimes and shoes sometimes.  That way, you use different muscles.

It’s not necessary for your feet to ever leave the security of the trampoline.  You don’t have to jump into the air with space between your feet and the tramp.  All you have to do is…bounce.  Press down a little and let the rebounder move you up a little.  That’s called ‘contact bouncing.’  Down a little, up a little.  Try to get a little rhythm going.

If you need to hold onto a doorway, wall or chair for a while while “bouncing” or getting on and off, do it.   Safety first!

The simple act of moving slightly up and down will help your leg muscles grow stronger and improve your balance.  You can try Continue reading “Mini-Trampolines Can Help You Rebound and Get Strong”


Tai Chi Improves Balance & Strength

Tai Chi (pronounced ti chee) can make you strong and improve your balance.  How?  And what is Tai Chi anyway?

Tai Chi is a movement program which is done standing up.  It uses all of the muscles in your lower body and legs (your leg muscles attach to your spine.)  The movements are slow and continuous.  You lean and sway and balance in a variety of positions.

All of this leaning and swaying causes you to use more of your muscles than you usually do.  When you were a small child, you used all of your muscles.  But, then you grew up.  And, now?  Most of us use only the same 60 or so (out of 600!) muscles everyday.  Only 10%.  Not so good.

But, Tai Chi causes you to use most of those lower body muscles again.

During the movement, your arms and upper body are also involved.  While your legs are doing one thing, your arms do another as part of the whole movement.  Your whole body becomes involved.  That creates whole body balance and strength.

Tai Chi is different from yoga.  Yoga does a lot of stretching and full range-of-movement and also uses floor and seated positions besides standing.  Yoga involves more of your body.

Tai Chi builds lower body strength as well as balance.  That’s why it’s so beneficial for older folks and those who have lost strength or are wobbly on their feet.

My only wish is that people would start practicing Tai Chi before they need it.  That would prevent a lot of “old age” complaints.  Old age complaints tend to be caused by poor or collapsing posture.

Yoga, and the movements here at Simple Strengthening, will help you correct your posture.  Tai Chi will help you keep or regain your balance and lower body strength.  That will help you prevent injuries from falling, make it easier to get up from chairs, and stay younger longer.