Knee Pain and Stiffness–Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Painful, Stiff Knees

Have you been wondering why your knees hurt?  Do you think it’s just “old age” or “arthritis”?

Well, maybe.  But quite probably not.

Some things are hard on knees.  And when knees aren’t happy they complain.  It’s not just pain or stiffness–it’s an actual complaint!  They are yelling at you:  “Hey!  Help me!  I’m not happy!”

Here are some of the most common things that are hard on knees.

*  Twisting is hard on knees.  So are abrupt stops.  This sounds a lot like basketball and football as I have observed it.  However, a basketball player could still keep throwing the ball.  Stretching and throwing overhead are really good for the upper body and heart.

*  Running is hard on knees because of the pounding.  That’s why walking helps–it uses all of the leg muscles without the jarring movements that usually accompany running.

*  If your vehicle seat is high, that’s very Continue reading “Knee Pain and Stiffness–Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Painful, Stiff Knees”


How To Get Rid Of Your Knee Pain And Stiffness Naturally

Knee pain is no fun!  It keeps you from doing things that you could enjoy.  So let’s find out why knees get crabby.

Muscles in your lower legs attach to your thighs and muscles in your upper legs attach to your lower legs.

Your knees are stuck right in the middle of all of these muscles and guess what!

Muscles are the most common cause of knee pain or any other type of pain.

Sometimes injuries cause knee pain.  Here’s some information about that:

Knee pain can be caused by injury to the ligaments that attach bones to other bones.  Sometimes they require surgery to repair.  Ligaments are dense, tough tissue without much blood supply so they heal slowly but my understanding is that if it is not completely torn from the bone a ligament can heal over time.  Lots of time.

Knee injury can also cause damage to tendons.  Tendons are the ends of muscles that attach to bones.  Like ligaments, they are also tough tissue that takes a long time to heal.  If a tendon totally detaches from the bone it is supposed to attach to, it can create instability in a joint.

But lets assume that you do NOT have a knee injury–you haven’t fallen or been in an accident.  But you DO have knee pain.


And what can you do to get rid of that nagging knee pain and start doing the things you’d like to do?

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Strengthen Your Legs In A Swimming Pool And Get Rid Of Knee Pain Naturally

Knee pain–who needs it?  Why do you have it?  And what can you do to get rid of your knee pain naturally?

If you have access to a swimming pool or other safe body of water, here’s an idea:

Get into the water and move.

If you don’t swim (I don’t) then wear a grown-up floatie (I do.)  That way you can go into the deeper water and move your legs in all different directions.

Or hold onto the Continue reading “Strengthen Your Legs In A Swimming Pool And Get Rid Of Knee Pain Naturally”


Get Strong Legs on Your Stairs – How to Use Your Legs Walking on Stairs

Maybe you have knee pain, and maybe you don’t.  Maybe your legs feel weak or maybe they feel “out of balance” or “too tight.”

Your legs were designed to be used in certain ways.  But, lots of times, for all kinds of reasons, we “forget” how we used to climb stairs.  Sometimes, we just “clomp” along, with flat feet.  We “pull” ourselves up, using the handrail.

Sometimes we make our poor knees do all of the work.  Uh oh, not good.

If you learn how to use your legs as they were designed to be used, they will become stronger and feel better.

By the way, if you cannot do this because you have too much knee pain, here are a few tips just for you.

1)  Walk down the stairs backward, while you hold the hand rail.  This uses different leg muscles and might make going down stairs much easier for you.

(2)  Begin a walking program.  Walking properly will strengthen your legs.  Check this article about walking for knee pain.

(3)  Keep reading, because simply knowing the proper way to use your legs and feet might help you immensely!

All you need for getting stronger legs by climbing stairs is…a staircase!  And, your willingness to try.

Here is the technique.

Place one foot on a stair, but don’t pull yourself up with handrail, and don’t lift your body with your knees, and don’t let your feet be flat boards.  There, we got all the “don’ts” out of the way.

Here are the DO’s.

(1)  Do use your feet to raise your body.

(2)  When your foot is on a step, raise your heel.

(3)  Feel your calf muscles work.

Now, only your toe is supporting you on the stair.

If you have to use the handrail or wall for support that’s okay.  But, no pulling yourself on allowed.

(4)  Take a step to the next stair and repeat.  Use your calf muscles and feet to lift yourself up the stairs.

When you use your calves and feet, as they were designed to be used, there is much less stress on your knees.  You will have less leg and knee pain.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

“Because You Deserve to Feel Better!”