Can Your Mind Make Your Body Strong?

I had a client who was paralyzed.  All Gloria could do was talk and eat, when someone gave food to her.

But, boy, could she ever visualize!

She would actually visualize herself exercizing so well that she would make her muscles ache.

When I would see her, she would say, “Oh, I am so sore.  I did fifteen repetitions.”  She would tell me which exercise she had “done.”

Every time, I would say, “Gloria, if you would just “do” one, instead of fifteen, you would not be sore.”  She would tell me that she knew, but it just felt so good.

She had done the movements only in her mind, yet she did them with such imagination and with such belief, that her body responded as though she was actually, physically doing them.

Research has been done with athletes who practice “only in their mind” while hooked up to monitoring devices.  The monitoring machines show the same kind of muscle response that they would have if they were actually performing the exercise.

If you can put yourself into a relaxed state, a meditative state, you can visualize yourself doing things with your muscles that you might not yet be able to do very well.  When you are that relaxed, your muscles won’t know the difference between really moving or imagining that you are moving.  They will get the same message.

Your muscles will start to become re-activated.  They will start to become strong.

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Does Your Back Cause Your Headache Or Migraine?

When your head starts hurting, do you ever think about your back?

Do you wonder why your head is hurting?  Do you notice that your back aches, or feels tight, at or around the same time?  Are your shoulders tight, too?

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell.  If we get out of balance – if our posture gets out of neutral – then our back will start to complain.  If we are doing some form of poor posture, like slouching, our back won’t like it.  It gets overstretched.  The muscles in our back will then get tight, or contract, to keep from becoming way too overstretched.

Since our body is all one unit, when one area is tight it will pull on other areas.  When the tight back muscles pull on our shoulders, the shoulder muscles get tight, too.  And guess where the shoulders and back muscles pull?  Why, on your neck and head, of course.

And then you have a headache.

There is a simple solution to all of this.  All you have to do is correct your posture so you don’t get back strain or headaches.

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