Hip Pain – Can It Be Helped With Strengthening Or Is It Arthritis?

If a doctor looked at an x-ray of any one of us, he or she would say, “Oh, you have arthritis.”
When the doctor can see bony changes in an x-ray, the assumption is that’s the reason for our hip pain as well as any other complaints we have.

Well, maybe.  Maybe not.

We all have changes in our bones and joints that show up on x-rays.  Do we all have pain?


But when a doctor can see something that could be the cause of pain, they usually figure that it is the cause.

“Oh, you just have arthritis.  You will have to live with it.”

Well, maybe.  Maybe not.

Large powerful muscles pass over our hip joint.  These muscles allow us to move our leg.  The hip joint occurs where our thigh bones connect to our pelvic bones.

Those large muscles can get overstretched from crossed-leg positions, overstressed from pressure like sleeping on our sides or car seats pressing on them, or tight from overuse or overstretch.

Your plan is to get back into balance and out of pain.

There are four sides to your hip joint.  Front of your leg, back of your leg, inside of your thigh and outer side of your thigh.  The outside of your thigh–your hip joint–is likely where you feel your pain.

Here’s the plan of attack. Continue reading “Hip Pain – Can It Be Helped With Strengthening Or Is It Arthritis?”