Legs Feeling Weak Or Achey? How Balancing Can Help Your Legs Get Stronger

If your legs feel weak, or achey, here’s a solution for you.

We were built for movement and when we don’t move enough – when we spend too much time in a chair or car – our leg muscles get out of balance and lose strength.  Balance and strength occur when we use our legs. When we use our legs, and they are strong, we feel stable instead of weak.

When your legs are out of balance – some muscles are weaker than others – then you get aches and pains in your legs.  When your muscles are out of balance, they pull on the bones in a different way than they are supposed to.  This causes arthritis.

Some savvy doctors recommend that their older patients take tai chi classes.  Tai chi (pronounced ti-chee) is done standing, and the people who practice it develop strong legs and good balance.

Here’s a simple strengthening movement that you can do at home or anywhere.

Stand near a piece of furniture, like the back of a chair.  Stand close enough so that you can use the chair back as a support for one hand, if you need it.  (And you will probably need it until your balance improves.)

Lift one foot off the ground, and tuck it behind your other calf.

Let go of the chair and try to balance on the foot that is still on the floor.

Keep your hand very close to the chair back in case you need to support yourself.

While you are balancing on one foot, you are using all of the muscles in that foot and leg.  You will notice that the pressure in your foot moves from front to back and side to side.  Your body is trying to keep its’ balance.

Standing on one foot and balancing like this actually relaxes all of the muscles in your foot and leg, because all of the muscles are being used.  You are creating and achieving muscular balance!

Try to balance for one minute.  When you start to become better at balancing, you can do two minutes or more.

When you are done with your first leg, then practice balancing on your other foot.

An interesting side effect occurs, and it is a good one!  Your legs will be less achey.  They will feel refreshed.  Why?  Because you are using all of your leg muscles, and your body likes that.

Use this new skill to strengthen your legs and get rid of weak and achey legs.  Find more help at http://www.SimplePainRelief.com

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  1. Very quick and effective method. My legs have felt weak and achy since I’ve been working an office job for the past year or so and having little time to get to the gym. This method helped me tonight and I plan to utilize it before, during, and after work. Thanks!

  2. Daniel, you’re very welcome! This is also an excellent method for relieving tired legs and feet.

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