Strong Back = Strong Bones

Do you want strong, healthy bones?  Then you need a strong back.

Why does a strong back equal strong bones?

Here’s how it works:

When your bones are all stacked up the way they are supposed to be they support the weight of your body and head.  Supporting you is what makes bones strong.

Their job is to support you.  And the job of your muscles is to help you move.

But when your back muscles are weak you collapse forward.  Your head moves in front of your body and your shoulders will roll forward.  Your back will complain.

When you are in that position your bones are not stacked up properly.  They are not getting the work out they need because they are not doing the job of supporting you.  So your bones get weak.

And your poor muscles?  They are acting as bones to hold you up but that is not their job!

When you strengthen your back it will stop complaining AND your bones will be supporting you again.  They will get stronger and you will stay healthier longer.

There are lots of articles right here at that will help you get a strong back and keep your bones strong.