Simple Way To Strengthen Core Muscles

The core muscles are the muscles in your torso, front and back and sides.  They are the muscles that hold you in an upright position when they are strong.  🙂  When they are weak, you collapse forward.  🙁

Forward-collapsed posture causes pain and dysfunction.  That’s why you want to have a strong core.

But what if you can’t or don’t want to do sit-ups?  Well, just don’t then.

Here’s something even easier and it’s a great way to get started strengthening your core muscles easily.

And in bed, even.

Lay on your back.  Make yourself as flat as possible.  If you need a small neck or head support, use one.  If you don’t need one, that’s even better.

Stretch your arms over your head, as far as you can without discomfort.

Stretch your heels as far as you can.

Imagine someone is pulling on your heels and your hands and stretching you.  What does that feel like?  Do it!

And hold in your belly while you stretch.

Be long and be strong.  🙂

This movement will help you strengthen your core muscles.  It will help you stand taller and feel better.



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  1. As a dancer I used to tell my students the best way to learn about core is to go on the NYC subway and don’t hold on. As funny as it may seem for some it actually worked.

    1. Jai, thank you for writing. What I remember about the NYC subway is that if you don’t hold on, you land on your butt! I can see where this would help with core strengthening. But you might want to keep your hand close to the bar…just in case.


  2. I really needed this article! I have such a weak core, along with a bad back. I need to strengthen my core to keep my back in check. This exercise sounds simple and easy to do. I’ll start it right away!

  3. Thanks for this Kathryn. I do exercise to keep fit but probably a little slack in the area of ab work-outs. Been focusing on jogging and riding (spinning classes) but I have been thinking I need to change it a bit and do more resistance and core exercises. I totally agree with the benefits of a strong core and with this really simple exercise, there’s no excuse at all not to strengthen them. Thanks!

  4. Hello, how long or how many stretches do you recommend when doing this exercise? And how often?? Thank you.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Whenever you start a new movement for strengthening, start gradually. Do it just two or three times for the first couple of days and then start to increase by one a day. You can also do it earlier in the day and then later in the day. If you overdo, your muscles will get a little achy.

      This is an easy and excellent way to start strengthening your core muscles and abdominal muscles while making them long. Long and strong, that’s what we want! 🙂

      Thank you for asking.

      The Pain Relief Coach

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